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26 Times Stewart Lee Told The Bleak, Brutal, And Brilliant Truth

"I can write jokes. I just choose not to."

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1. On Clarkson:

2. On the national game:

3. On finding success in failure.

4. On aspirations:

5. On the potential problems of this post:

6. On consequences:

7. On other comedians:

8. On his children:

9. On the pre-Corbyn Labour party:

10. On validation:

11. On confounding expectations:

12. On famous plot holes:

13. On setting the record straight:

14. On science vs. religion vs. Dawkins:

15. On literature:

16. On jazz. And chickens:

17. On his approach to comedy:

18. On moving to Crapstone:

19. On moving to Shitterton:

20. On answering the great questions:

21. On giving people what they want:

22. On his audience:

23. On the state of the modern publishing industry (but it also works for the internet):

24. On immigration:

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25. On nature's most dangerous animal:

26. And finally, on why being a dead comedian is better than being a live one: