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29 Times Siri Was Actually A Bit Of A Dick

You cannot be Siri-ous!

1. When she clearly didn't look very hard.

2. When she was awkward for the sake of being awkward.

3. When that wasn't the kind of help you had in mind.

4. When she avoided the damn question.

5. When she tried to be clever.

6. (She does that a lot.)

7. When all you wanted was to listen to the greatest pop song of the millennium.

8. When this wasn't what you had in mind.

9. When she got that fucking song stuck in your head.

10. When she'd obviously been watching too much Breaking Bad.

11. When she clearly made up a bullshit excuse just like the rest of them.

12. When that definitely wasn't what you meant.

13. When you realised she doesn't think of you as a parent.

14. When she tried her hand at being a film reviewer.

15. When she was an enabler.

16. When she tried to show off.

17. When you nearly died thanks to her sass.

18. When she was dead right :(

19. When you were trying to be a smart arse and then Siri proved that she will always a bigger smart arse. Dick.

20. When you wanted to smash her stupid glass face in.

21. When she cut you to the core.

22. When you got burned via the medium of song.

23. When you didn't believe her.

24. When she went all judgmental on your ass.

25. When you were fishing for compliments but didn't catch a fucking thing.

26. When tried the Konami code and she sounded like all the kids at school.

27. When she did the Artificial Intelligence equivalent of turning her head away as you leant in.

28. When a simple "Meh" would have sufficed.

29. And when there wasn't enough tumbleweed in the world.