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25 Times "Napoleon Dynamite" Perfectly Summed Up Your Life

Tina, eat. Eat the food!

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1. When someone tries to give you style advice.

2. When you use your best lines.

3. When someone asks you how your day was.

4. When you finally call out that one housemate who everyone hates.


5. When it's time to throw down.

6. When you don't want people to know how lame you are.

7. When you're trying to work on the perfect selfie face.

8. When you feel inferior to pretty much everyone.


9. When it's time for a huge romantic gesture.

10. When your mum asks you what you're doing with your life.

11. When people ask how your love life is going.

12. When the person you sit next to at work just won't stop talking.


13. When you hit the club.

14. When you're trying to feed the cat but it turns its nose up.

15. When your friend won't stop moaning about their life and there's only one solution.

16. When you leave the house but know you'll be hungry later.


17. When an anonymous troll throws shit on Twitter.

18. When that one friend who always talks bollocks starts talking bollocks again.

19. When you try to show off.

20. When your BFF solves all your problems.


21. When you get a haircut that you really regret.

22. When you get introduced to people who are MUCH cooler than you.

23. When you know exactly what your SO wants.

24. And when you seal the deal.

25. When anyone asks you to do anything.