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28 Times "Lost" Got Way, Way Too Real

We have to go back.

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For the full emotional effect of this post, hit play on this before you start scrolling.

1. When Charlie sacrificed himself to save his friends.

2. Before his best friend had to break the news to Claire.

3. When Hurley's loyalty was unwavering.

4. When Vincent made sure Jack wasn't on his own at the end.

5. When Penny finally found what she'd be looking for.

6. When Rose's blind faith was vindicated.

7. And when old friends were reunited for the first time in years.

8. When Hurley realised he wasn't so unlucky after all. Briefly.

9. When Ben was forced to confront his actions.

10. Which he learnt to regret, in his own special way.

11. When unlikely alliances were forged with a simple gesture.

12. Burley4eva ❤️

13. When Sawyer came face to face with the man who tore his family apart.

14. Who just so happened to be Locke's father.

15. When Ben chose the island over his daughter.

16. When Sawyer told Jack something he thought he'd never hear.

17. "If I never meet you...then I never have to lose you."

18. But then it ended up being Sawyer who had to lose Juliet.

19. And you realised Sawyer + Juliet >>>>> Sawyer + Kate.

20. When Hurley refused to give up.

21. When Kate said this.

22. Which was true, until she had to say goodbye.

23. When Jin saw his daughter for the first time.

24. When Sayid pulled a Charlie; sacrificing himself to save the others.

25. But it wasn't quite enough.

26. And we were all Hurley.

27. When Charlie remembered.

28. And when even though it made very little sense, you realised this is the only way it could have ended.