26 Times Life Was Nothing But A Total Disappointment

Sometimes it just feels like the whole universe is against you. That’s probably because it is.

1. When you received your fortune.

2. When it was your birthday and everything sucked.

3. When this watermelon was mocking you.

4. The time that you added all ice cream vendors to the list.

5. When it was 12 December, 2012, and the photographer ruined it by a second.

6. UGH, boots.

7. The time when “the Man” stopped you from swimming in raw sewage.

8. When you wanted to but you just couldn’t.

9. The time you went to the world’s worst carnival.

10. When it turned out the leprechauns were nothing but a bunch of tiny little liars.

11. When this frozen pizza manufacturer had clearly never been within 10,000 miles of Hawaii.

12. These fucking cows, man.

13. When Subway tried to make a “10 3/4-inch-long” a thing.

14. When you couldn’t WAIT to open your Christmas present, and then… Oh.

15. When SpongeBob haunted your soul for eternity.

16. When you had literally never been so excited only for your heart to be ripped out.

17. The time the ratio of stone to avocado was just taking the piss.

18. When you tore your burrito and it was the worst thing that has ever happened to anyone.


20. When your day was ruined.

21. When the American public found out the terrible truth.

22. When all you got was a fucking paper towel.

23. When you realised you won’t have fun again until you die.

24. When you should have been worried that the plural and singular for shrimp are the same.

25. When you opened your Fruit Pastilles and it was only the shit flavours and they were pretty much giving you the finger.

26. And finally, when you pressed this button and there wasn’t a cat folder in sight and your dreams died forever.

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Robin Edds is editor-at-large at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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