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Mar 10, 2014

18 Times Humanity Went Too Far

We truly are our own worst enemy.

1. When they decided this was a thing that needed to happen.


2. When the iPhone case for babies hit the shelves.

3. When this coffee shop opened.

4. When someone actually bought one of these.

5. And when this brand name was suggested.


6. When this sign happened.

7. Not to mention this one.

8. When this takeaway opened.

9. When someone decided lube needed to be more bacon-y.

10. When someone decided soda needed to be more bacon-y.

11. You get the idea...

12. When this selfie made us die inside.

13. And when this guy took the concept of photographing food to a new, altogether more wanky level.

14. When he put that there.

15. And when this guy decided he needed to take his work to the coffee shop.

16. When this person killed faceswapping forever.

17. When it was decided that underwear these days is far too two-dimensional.

18. But humanity's lowest point to date? When the worst person that ever lived decided that mixing Skittles and M&M's would be funny. :(

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