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41 Times "Have I Got News For You" Perfectly Summed Up Britain

Twenty-five years on and it's as good as it ever was. Never change.

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1. On the criminal justice system:

2. On tradition:

3. On education:

4. On the royal family:

5. On the special relationship:

6. On enjoying the misfortune of others:

7. On football:

8. On privacy laws:

9. On house parties:

10. On censorship:

11. On our refusal to get carried away:

12. On equality:

13. On our ability to forgive and forget:

14. On public spending:

15. On financial loopholes:

16. On pop music:

17. On the internet:

18. On UKIP:

19. On our neighbours:

20. On the mayor of London:

21. On our unquenchable desire to make shit puns:

22. On our modest needs:

23. On the evolution of the English language:

24. On the press' refusal to get carried away:

25. On disease:

26. On former Prime Ministers:

27. On poetry:

28. On possible coalitions:

29. On twats:

30. On the tabloid press:

31. On multiculturalism:

32. On social media:

33. On bureaucracy:

34. On former Prime Ministers (Part II):

35. On the youth of today:

36. On private education:

37. On our reaction to the possibility of armageddon:

38. On Nigel Farage:

39. On celebrity culture:

40. On people who worked at the BBC during the '70s:

41. On former Prime Ministers (Part III):