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    19 Times Greggs Was Unexpectedly Brilliant At Twitter

    You could say, they're on a (sausage) roll.

    1. When they went after Fiona Bruce, and won.

    2. When they promoted their message of body positivity.

    3. When they'd have made Gregg Wallace (no relation) proud.

    4. When they perfectly depicted your dream desk set-up.

    5. When they asked the important questions.

    6. When their meme game was 🔥.

    We see your lava and we raise you…

    7. When they planned for the biggest danger in any office environment: hanger!

    8. When they understood your ideal summer holiday.

    9. When they helped you hit your targets.

    Get closer to your goals. #Greggsbit

    10. When they spotted an absolute bargain.

    11. When they ensured you'd never be late for lunch again.

    12. When Rihanna was asked "Who are you wearing?!" and she stared back as if to say "Who the fuck do you think I'm wearing?!"

    13. When they knew exactly what our hearts desired.

    14. When Little Mix gave a ~shout out to their Greggs~.

    15. When they gave you summer goals.

    16. When this hot new trend took over our lives.

    Bakémon. Gotta catch 'em all! #PokemonGo

    17. When they perfectly summed up how your mind works when you're trying to concentrate but someone mentions food.

    If X has 24 apples and Y takes 9 from his mate Z, how badly do you want a Sausage Roll? #EdexcelMaths

    18. When they knew what you wanted from a relationship before you did.

    When you know she's the one. #FollowMeToGreggs

    19. And finally, when they called it exactly how they saw it.