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27 "Real Life" Magazine Headlines That Went Way, Way Too Far

"My best mate's a potato", and other stories. Via ReallyRealLife.

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1. When this woman used the old "Oh, that smell? Erm, yeah. It's a ghost. Definitely a ghost" excuse.

2. This diner who had their priorities all wrong. You NEVER give up pasta.

3. This guy gets it.

4. The man who risked the astronomical roaming fees you get charged in the afterlife.

5. When we were reminded that "slow and steady wins the race, and doesn't get your willy broken."

6. The time this person definitely didn't find this photo of their past life face.

7. When, for once, we didn't doubt the accuracy of a story.

8. She says "tomato". We say, "u wat m8?"

9. That time the headline definitely came first.

10. This very important story.

11. When with one voice the world yelled out, "yeah, probably".

12. This disappointing Rihanna tribute act.

13. This story that you couldn't make up. Or, as it turns out, you definitely could.

14. [insert joke about being stiff here]

15. Why didn't the skeleton go to the ball? Because it had no body to go with. UNTIL NOW!

16. This story that may or may not be about David Cameron.

Note to lawyers: It almost definitely isn't.

Note to lawyers: It almost definitely isn't.

17. When we understood why the doctors did what they did.

18. The time we all realised exactly how we'd like to die.

19. When we accepted the fact that we may never sleep again.

20. This parent who knows boundaries are important.

21. This absorbing tale.

22. When this woman realised the ghost excuse works for more than just weird smells.

23. This woman who loves a strong man.

24. The fact that someone somewhere spent their valuable time crafting a Superman costume for a parrot. But it was totally worth it for that headline.

25. Yes.

26. The story that, to be honest, we're surprised wasn't more widely reported. Seems like a big deal. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

27. And finally, the time we weren't remotely surprised. What a fucking great dog.