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31 Photos That Will Give All British Guys Intense Childhood Flashbacks

For anyone who spent a small fortune on hair gel.

1. When someone would give you a peanut so tight you'd never be able to take your tie off again.

2. The only scent you ever needed.

3. Using a whole tub of hair gel every three days.

4. And spending hours on the perfect curtains.

5. Heading to youth club or just the bus shelter in your best Ben Sherman shirt.

6. Enjoying a stressful game of red ass.

7. Asking for the ball back when it went it your neighbour's garden.

8. Watching Gladiators, for reasons.

9. Only agreeing to go shopping with your mum if she promised to buy you a SNES game from Woolworths.

10. Or buying things from JD Sports just so you could use this as your PE bag.

11. Wanting pretty much everything in the Argos catalogue.

12. The one kid who actually had one of these (as opposed to a papier mache version they saw on Blue Peter) was the most popular guy in class.

13. These magical things that took over your life for a good three or four years.

14. And turning up to school with an extra bag just so you could carry all your swaps.

15. This was the only show anyone talked about at school.

16. Sliding on your knees at the school disco.

My little brother skidded on his knees at a school disco and done this.

17. Where you'd probably wear these.

Wearing your Total 90s to school and feeling like you'd be getting called up to represent England any day soon

18. Spending lunchtimes playing Pogs.

19. Or coin football/rugby.

20. Smoking candy sticks like a badass.

21. Going straight to page 302 on Ceefax.

22. Trying (and failing) to flirt on MSN Messenger.

23. When the older boys would steal your ball.

24. Not being able to wear a pair of jeans for more than about two hours without them looking like this.

25. The "swerve" you could get on one of these when the wind took it.

26. The worst moment of any day.

27. The only phrases you ever needed.

28. Getting the ball stuck in a tree and throwing your shoes at it to get it down (before inevitably getting them stuck, too).

29. The pain of a dimpled Mitre ball to the face on a cold day.

30. Not being allowed to use the "match balls" for training, so having to settle for a Mitre Tactic that felt like kicking a medicine ball.

31. Playing on pitches that would make today's pros weep.