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29 Things You'll Understand If You Went To Uni In The Mid-'00s

MSN Messenger, The OC, and nu-rave. There really was nothing like being a student in the '00s.

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1. When meeting people during freshers' week you couldn't add them on Facebook because it didn't exist! So you had to settle for getting their number instead.


By now you were probably on your second mobile phone – progressing from your old 3210 to a snazzy new flip phone that had a colour screen because you were super fancy.

4. But then at some point along came Facebook! And if you were lucky yours was one of the first unis in Britain to get it.


In October 2005 Facebook launched in Britain at a select group of unis including Oxford, Cambridge, Leeds, Manchester, and York. Back in those days you needed a email address, meaning there wasn't a newborn baby or engagement status in sight. Just wonderful statuses like this one...


This got no likes in 2006. Heartbroken.

6. And everyone would congregate to watch The OC on T4 on a Sunday morning.

Warners Bros

Because a bunch of penniless, British, first-year students can totally relate to a group of privileged, beautiful, Californian teens.

7. Which would then be followed by watching even more beautiful people on Shipwrecked.

There was inevitably at least one person that someone in your halls knew on there because it was always just a load of middle-class kids who had chosen to go to a desert island rather than go to uni. Fools.


8. If you were fortunate enough to be able to take a laptop to uni, chances are it looked a lot like this, and weighed as much as a small human.


But you couldn't argue with PC World's £300 deal for new students. Even if it did take 45 minutes to turn on by the time it was just six months old.

10. With Napster and Kazaa now things of the past, you had to resort to Limewire to download music illegally.

Via Twitter: @c00lestlame

Even if it meant giving your laptop ALL OF THE VIRUSES in the process. As if it needed any help to die a painful death.


18. Even though some people had laptops, they were FAR too heavy to take into uni every day, so you still had to write all your notes by hand.


And you organised them neatly in a different ring binder for each module. Or that was the idea, at least...


20. You felt very cool and grown up when you were able to vote in your first general election in 2005.

Daniel Berehulak / Getty Images

It's likely that the only policy you gave a crap about was tuition fees. That went well...

23. Before moving into halls you didn't have pre-existing Facebook groups to find out who you were moving in with before you got there.

CC / Via

You just had to turn up and knock doors! Or, in my case, be forced to choose between vodka and sambuca within moments of arriving.


26. If you lived in a big student town there's a strong possibility that an Oceana opened up while you were there.

Via Twitter: @ChantelleLight

From giant ballrooms to ski lodges via sushi bars, they were HUGE. There are rumours that there are still people lost in Oceanas up and down the country who still think Tony Blair is prime minister and Johnny Borrell is relevant.

28. You'd actually take a digital camera with you on every single night out.

Found this gem at my parents house #Sony #CyberShot 3.2 mega pixel digital camera - our first digital camera