20 Things You Might Have Missed Watching "Game Of Thrones" For The First Time

    Contains spoilers for those who are yet to catch up with Season 5, obviously.

    1. Let's start at the very beginning. Remember the dead direwolf that had been killed by a stag in the first episode?

    2. And the whole thing didn't end too well for the stag, either.

    3. And that's not the only time we see real animals used as analogies for the houses of Westeros.

    4. Also, in this deleted scene from Season 3, we see Tywin expertly catching and killing some fish.

    Which house's sigil is a fish? House Tully. And who is one of the (many) people who meets a bloody end on the orders of Tywin Lannister at the end of Season 3? Catelyn Stark (neé Tully).

    As the scene was deleted, this one may hold a little less weight, though it was probably deleted only due to its length. You can watch the scene in full here – look out for Grand Maester Pycelle's moment of uncharacteristic honesty.

    5. And whilst we're on the always depressing topic of the Red Wedding, take a closer look at this war map Robb and Catelyn were studying.

    6. Tywin finally got his comeuppance a season later. But was it predicted by Littlefinger?

    7. And talking of predictions, you almost certainly don't remember this line from Season 2. Three seasons before it happened.

    8. Who knew these words from Yara would go on to have quite so much significance?

    9. And whilst we're on subject of Theon's manhood, or lack thereof...

    10. And it would seem Jaime knew all along, you can take the boy out of the Iron Islands...

    11. Back in the first season we see Arya snap a pigeon's neck just moments before her father is beheaded.

    12. It seems the Hound had someone in mind when he gave this perfectly delivered response.

    13. And when he gave this warning to Arya, was he thinking of anyone in particular?

    14. Though there are occasional examples of obvious foreshadowing, there are also a number of carefully designed shots.

    15. This is also the case here. Although Joffrey sits on the Iron Throne, we know whose flame is stronger.

    16. Sansa has always been something of a chameleon – her hairstyles changing as regularly as her alliances.

    17. If only Prince Oberyn had benefitted from a pep talk from Bronn.

    18. As Tyrion's trial approaches, this conversation hits closer to home for Jaime than you probably realised.

    19. Here we see Gendry (the dude who's been on a boat for three seasons) teach Hot Pie something about knights.

    20. When Meryn Trant arrives in Braavos in Season 5, Mace Tyrell breaks into song in the middle of a square. But did you notice what he was singing?

    All men must die.