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    "This Is Our Britain" - 21 Things 'The Sun' Forgot To Include

    A patriotic BuzzFeed tribute to our glorious nation.

    This is what the front (and back) page of The Sun looked like this morning.

    Naturally a load of great spoofs appeared immediately. But The Sun's list is not exhaustive. Somehow they managed to overlook the following.

    1. The Jeremy Kyle Show.

    2. Binge drinking.

    3. Danny Dyer.

    4. Glamorous eating establishments.


    Photo: Sonti Ramirez.

    5. Flawless public transport.


    By Sam Hart.

    6. Cheery graffiti.

    7. Branches of Nando's everywhere.

    8. Boris Johnson.

    9. Music festivals.

    10. Being crap at penalty shootouts.

    11. Tulisa.

    12. Vibrant high streets.


    Sharon Day.

    13. Nigel Farage.

    14. Rioters.

    15. Offensive birthday cards.

    16. World renowned TV shows.

    17. Popular quizzes.

    18. Piers Morgan.

    19. Katie Price.

    20. The Daily Express.

    21. And James Blunt.

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