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    18 Things That Will Definitely Maybe Happen In "Game Of Thrones" Season 7

    Don't worry, I'm almost always wrong.

    1. Despite her fucking massive fleet, Dany won't head straight for King's Landing.


    As the credits rolled on Season 6, Dany's newfound coalition of Tyrells, Martells, Greyjoys, Dothraki, Unsullied, and dragons looked pretty much unbeatable. And considering Cersei has about as many friends as Varys has testicles, the crown surely wouldn't be able to mount much of a defence as things stand.

    That said, it wouldn't make much tactical sense to approach King's Landing from the sea – just ask Stannis – and from a TV point of view, they're surely going to make us wait for the inevitable sacking of King's Landing.

    The most likely starting point is her family's ancestral home of Dragonstone – an island not too far from the capital – which was Stannis's home until he went north. It would make the perfect base for an invasion – when Aegon the Conqueror first took Westeros three centuries earlier this is how it went down, so it's likely his great-great-great-etc.-granddaughter will follow suit.

    2. Before burning everyone with dragon fire, she'll have a go at diplomacy.


    Daario was right when he called Daenerys a conqueror – but luckily for her, her brand new Hand, Tyrion, is very much a politician. He knows there is more than one way to skin a direwolf. In the Martells, Tyrells, and (some) Greyjoys, she already has the support of some of Westeros's most powerful houses, so before declaring war she'll probably just try asking politely.

    A lot of her invasion is likely to be reminiscent of Aegon I's, when he – along with his two sisters – flew their dragons to every corner of Westeros to ask for support. Those who bent the knee were left alone, those who did not...well, you can probably imagine. But their swords now make up the Iron Throne.

    With the Freys and Tullys now gone, the Riverlands are up for grabs, and there's been no one of note in the Baratheon home of Storm's End for years – so if Dany gets the support of the North and the Vale, it'll only be the Lannisters she needs to beat. So...

    3. We'll see Dany fly north to meet her nephew.


    Very few people have as much reason to want Cersei Lannister off the throne/dead as shit than the Stark children, so it would make sense to get the North on side.

    If Dany wants leverage, she could take her new pal Theon along with her. Though his reception from Jon might be icy, Sansa would surely welcome him after the things they went through at the hands of Ramsay.

    And if you cast your mind back to the first two episodes of Season 1, you'll remember there was definite mutual respect between Jon and Tyrion (who was also always very kind to Sansa when they were married), so it's a safe bet that the new King in the North would at least listen to what Dany had to say.

    Also they will inevitably flirt, which will be kind of gross and excellent in equal measures.

    4. Littlefinger will be a massive dick.


    I mean, OK, so that prediction might be as groundbreaking as "Jon will, at some point, look a bit sulky", but after "The Winds of Winter" it looks like Lord Baelish may soon reach a whole new level of dick-like behaviour.

    In an uncharacteristic moment of weakness, he finally admitted to Sansa that he wanted the Iron Throne for himself, and he seems intent on driving a wedge between the siblings in an effort to get it.

    However, Sansa (along with Tyrion) is one of the most savvy people in Westeros after everything she's been through, so it's unlikely that she'd ever let herself fully trust pervy uncle Petyr – particularly over her own brother.

    5. Melisandre will reunite with the Brotherhood Without Banners.


    After finding out that she'd dabbled in a little recreational infanticide, Jon banished Mel from Winterfell – telling her to ride south. With storylines converging, there are now only a small handful of places she can go. The first place she'll get to after leaving the North is the Riverlands, which is where we know her fellow red priest, Thoros of Myr, is hanging out with the Brotherhood.

    When Thoros was trying to convince the Hound to join them in Episode 7, he explained that he has this power for a reason, and that the Lord of Light isn't done with the Hound just yet. This all sounds very Melisandre, so you could certainly imagine them joining forces to achieve a common goal.

    In Season 3, Thoros, Beric, and co. allowed Mel to take Gendry – for a price – so she could use his royal blood to help Stannis, which caused Arya to add "The Red Woman" to her list. With Arya in the Riverlands after serving up some Frey pies, you'd bet all the gold in the Iron Bank that she'll bump into them.

    6. And if that happens, there'll be another long-awaited reunion to look forward to: Arya and the Hound.


    Arya has had many a strange relationship over the years, but none more complex than the one she shared with Sandor Clegane. First she wanted him dead for killing Mycah, the butcher's boy. Then after the Red Wedding he became a slightly unconventional (OK, very unconventional) father figure – teaching her to fight, survive, and cook a damn good chicken. Probably.

    That said, in the end she left him to die slowly and painfully on the side of a cliff. So what happens if and when the two old frenemies do reunite is anyone's guess. A warm embrace might be a little too much to hope for.

    7. But there's one Arya reunion that will be significantly more joyous...Nymeria!


    This is actually something that I (perhaps optimistically) predicted would happen towards the end of Season 6. The main reason I did so was that the last season was a HORRIBLE one for direwolves everywhere.

    First we see Shaggydog's severed head thrown on to a table by Smalljon Umber, then just two episodes later, during the emotional black hole that was "The Door", we lose Summer as well. Add that to Lady and Grey Wind, and we're suddenly four wolves down, with only Ghost accounted for.

    It therefore feels like the perfect time to bring Nymeria back from the wilderness. Last we saw her she was sent away by Arya after biting Joffrey (I mean, you would though, wouldn't you?) in the Riverlands.

    Conveniently, this is exactly where Arya is right now, so don't be surprised to see Arya reunited with one of the only friends she's ever had. And be warned, if it does happen, you're going to cry.

    8. Cersei will become the Mad Queen.


    As if blowing up the Sept of Baelor wasn't mad enough already, obviously.

    From the very beginning of the show it's been clear that Cersei's moral compass leaves something to be desired. But even going back to her earliest misdeeds – implicitly suggesting Jaime push Bran out of a window, before sending an assassin to go and finish the job – she always did what she did to protect her children.

    Now, largely thanks to her own actions, she has no children. She has nothing to protect. Nothing to stop her from doing whatever the fuck she wants.

    The closer we get to show's conclusion, the more the history of Westeros seems to be repeating itself. We've heard some terrible tales of what the Mad King got up to towards the end of his life – expect Cersei's descent to be even more horrific.

    9. Jaime won't turn his back on her right away, though.


    In a way you've almost got to hand it to Jaime (pun intended). He is so in love with his sister that he'd pretty much forgive her anything. If only the rest of us could find someone as loyal, eh?

    And as much as killing hundreds of innocent people and causing the death of their last remaining son is a new low even for her, it's probably not going to be enough to make him do a runner. Yet.

    Instead, expect at least half a season of Jaime thinking he can save her. Of course he won't be able to and she'll continue to do terrible things to innocent people.

    As for the prophecy from the books about Cersei being killed by her younger brother? I'm not convinced. In the show the only prophecy we get is about her children dying – which has now happened – while the whole "valonqar" thing was completely omitted. I may be wrong. And if I am you're allowed to be dicks about it.

    10. But the Lannister bros will be in for a rather awkward reunion.


    While sailing to Dorne in Season 5, Jaime tells Bronn that he'll kill his little brother if he ever sees him again after what Tyrion did to their father.

    This did two things. Firstly, it was pretty clear from the look on his face that he didn't mean it – even if he thought he did. Jaime loved his brother enough to free him, and with three dead kids, a dead dad, and a batshit crazy sister, it's pretty unlikely he'd murder his only remaining (sane) family member.

    Secondly, it was a pretty heavy-handed way of telling the viewer that the reunion is almost definitely maybe going to happen. If and when Jaime finally turns his back on his sister, both little brothers working together to bring her down would be more than a little satisfying.

    11. Bran will continue to accidentally fuck EVERYTHING up.


    Uncle Benjen's less-than-subtle exposition regarding the Wall's magic, and how the dead are unable to pass through it, meant only one thing – at some point something is going to bugger it all up, and on current form it's looking like Bran could well be that something.

    Once the Night King touched him on the arm, the magic keeping the Walkers from entering Bloodraven's tree cave was ruined, and there's an ever-growing number of people who think the same could be true of the Wall. The idea being that if Bran passes through the Wall, the magic will be undone and the whole bastard thing will crumble to the ground.

    First he gets Bloodraven, Summer, and Leaf killed. Then he breaks young Hodor's mind. Then he gets old Hodor killed. Now this. At the rate he's going Bran might just be an even bigger villain than Ramsay!

    12. The Wall coming down will be the last thing we see in Season 7.


    Since the very beginning it's felt like there were two moments the whole show was heading towards – Dany's invasion, and the collapse of the Wall.

    With the former being the perfect closing shot of Season 6 (FWIW I predicted that before the season started), it feels like the final moments of Season 7 would be the perfect time for the Wall to come down.

    If the next season is about Dany's invasion, and its various implications for King's Landing and the North and the politics of Westeros in general, it's pretty clear that Season 8 will focus on a (more or less) united Westeros fighting for their lives against the White Walkers and their army of the undead.

    13. Jon Snow will ride a motherfucking DRAGON.


    As cool as Dany looks riding around on Drogon, imagine how left out the other two dragons must feel. Poor old Rhaegal and Viserion have been locked up for two seasons while their brother has been having the time of his life. It's clear who the favourite is!

    But with their long-awaited release in "Battle of the Bastards", it's only going to be a matter of time before we find out who the other two dragon riders are. With his Targaryen blood finally confirmed, and being one of the few people who understands the true threat of the White Walkers, Jon Snow/Stark/Targaryen is surely certain to be one of them.

    And to be even more specific, Jon will probably end up riding Rhaegal, who is named after his ~actual~ dad, Rhaegar Targaryen.

    14. But Tyrion won't. Sorry.


    For as long as people have understood that there will one day be three dragon riders, it's been widely accepted that they will be Daenerys, Jon, and Tyrion. Some argue that they're the three main characters, and that it just fits, while some more tinfoil theories suggest that – like Jon – Tyrion is a secret Targaryen.

    I don't buy that. Not only would it be a massive cop-out if all of our favourite characters were secret Targaryens, but it would all just feel a little too convenient and tidy. If there's one thing George R.R. Martin's universe is not, it's tidy.

    In the scene depicted above, Tyrion clearly had a connection with the dragons, but that means nothing. During the Season 6 finale Daenerys tells him it's not his sword she wants, but his counsel. He's not a man of action – he's a man of wisdom. Leave it to people like Jon to fight and fly – that's never been Tyrion's style.

    If I had to guess, I like the idea of Bran being the final dragon rider – warging into Viserion, rather than actually riding on him. Being honest, I have no idea. But I can't wait to find out.

    15. Sam will read ALL the books and learn something rather important.


    Between some brief seasickness, an awkward family dinner, and the best library porn you've ever seen in your life, Sam's appearances in Season 6 were fleeting to say the least.

    But there has to have been a reason for it. You only send a secondary character to a city we've never seen before if it's going to have a payoff down the line. With the Citadel library seemingly having a copy of every book that's ever been written, it seems likely that Sam is going to get some serious reading done during his training.

    The widely held consensus is probably correct – that Sam will find some vital piece of information that will help Jon with the War for the Dawn, such as instructions for forging Valyrian steel (which we already know can kill White Walkers).

    Others suggest that Jorah will find his way to Oldtown, and that Sam will help him cure his greyscale. Either way, as long as we get more shots of that fucking excellent library, we'll be more than happy!

    16. Euron could end up joining forces with Cersei.


    Last time we saw the new King of the Iron Islands, his priority was clear – killing his niece and nephew. Unfortunately for Euron, Yara and Theon are now BFFs with a woman whose pets could destroy entire armies.

    It would therefore make sense for Euron to lend his support to the enemies of Dany's coalition – namely Cersei and what's left of her supporters. Whether it goes down exactly like this or not, Euron will have a shit-ton of boats, so a CGI-heavy Greyjoy-on-Greyjoy battle on the water feels inevitable.

    17. We'll get so many flashbacks you'll think you're watching Lost.


    OK, so Bran may have fucked up more than a little this season, but on the other hand he did bring us a shitload of super interesting flashbacks. So let's call it even.

    Yes, we now know who Jon Snow's real parents are, but unless you've read the books you may not understand the whole context. However Jon learns who he really is, there's a strong chance that at the same time we'll be shown all the missing details.

    The tourney at Harrenhal, Lyanna's "abduction", and the Battle of the Trident are just some of the things that could be on the agenda for Season 7. If you know what these things are, you'll be very excited right now. If you don't, you just fucking wait.

    18. And finally, Gendry will finally show up...


    I've got to be right about this one eventually, right?

    Let us know what you think Season 7 will have in store in the comments below! 🐲