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    18 Things That Will Definitely Maybe Happen In "Game Of Thrones" Season 7

    Don't worry, I'm almost always wrong.

    1. Despite her fucking massive fleet, Dany won't head straight for King's Landing.

    2. Before burning everyone with dragon fire, she'll have a go at diplomacy.

    3. We'll see Dany fly north to meet her nephew.

    4. Littlefinger will be a massive dick.

    5. Melisandre will reunite with the Brotherhood Without Banners.

    6. And if that happens, there'll be another long-awaited reunion to look forward to: Arya and the Hound.

    7. But there's one Arya reunion that will be significantly more joyous...Nymeria!

    8. Cersei will become the Mad Queen.

    9. Jaime won't turn his back on her right away, though.

    10. But the Lannister bros will be in for a rather awkward reunion.

    11. Bran will continue to accidentally fuck EVERYTHING up.

    12. The Wall coming down will be the last thing we see in Season 7.

    13. Jon Snow will ride a motherfucking DRAGON.

    14. But Tyrion won't. Sorry.

    15. Sam will read ALL the books and learn something rather important.

    16. Euron could end up joining forces with Cersei.

    17. We'll get so many flashbacks you'll think you're watching Lost.

    18. And finally, Gendry will finally show up...

    Let us know what you think Season 7 will have in store in the comments below! 🐲