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    28 Things People Who Don't Play Pokémon Go Will Never Understand

    The world has changed forever, and we're totally OK with that. H/t /r/pokemongo.

    1. The extreme lengths you'd go to in order to get what you want.

    Yeah, we kayaked out to the fountain to claim this gym for #teamblue #pokemongo

    2. The very strange places in which you'll find gyms.

    3. The inter-team rivalry.


    4. The positive effect it can have, even for people who don't play it.

    5. This literal trash talk from Team Mystic.


    6. This multitasker.

    7. The fact that the popularity of the search term "5 km to miles" has increased exponentially in recent days.

    8. This entrepreneur who is really on the (Poké) ball.

    9. The pain you feel when this happens.

    10. This guy, who in so many ways is doing it right.

    11. The risks you sometimes need to take.

    12. When you realise you live inside a giant Poké Ball.

    13. Or a massive peen.


    14. Finding out that things aren't called what you always thought they were called.

    15. The pure joy of finding someone who doesn't have a clue what they're doing.

    16. The (fleeting) guilt you feel when this happens.

    Lucasfilm / Via

    17. Why this shop has been waiting for this game to exist for decades.

    18. This egg hatching machine.

    19. Why this trainer is such a massive dick.

    20. The fact that it's increasingly hard to tell what is and isn't real.

    21. Knowing that there's nothing you wouldn't do.

    *Gets Pokemon Go* *Breaks into Area 51* "Sir this is government property!" "WHERE THE FUCK IS MEWTWO"

    22. Looking for any excuse to leave the house.

    23. Realising how your entire life has turned upside down.

    24. Why this almost-heartwarming story is so relatable.

    25. Finding the cheapest thing on the menu just so you can catch Jigglypuff.

    26. Knowing you shouldn't, but really wanting to anyway.

    27. How your whole day can be improved with a 🔥 Pokéstop description.

    28. Understanding that true friends work ~together~.

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