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17 Things Everyone Googles When They Move To London

Gravy lovers of London, unite!

1. Because you have literally have no idea how the bus works:

2. Because you left your jacket there AGAIN:

3. Because people have been pointing and laughing at you:

4. Because you think this could genuinely be an option:

5. Because you're willing to make compromises:

6. Because you're starting to get desperate:

7. Because fuck this shit:

8. Because your night would be much cheaper if you could:

9. Because you heard a terrible rumour that you couldn't:

10. Because you have to have SOME sort of sauce on your chips, right?!?!:

11. Because you don't know how London works:

12. Because LOL you were that stupid once:

13. Because that would make waaaay too much sense.

14. Because stranger things have happened:

15. Because it was love at first sight and you had to try something:

16. Because the regret is real:

17. And because you're fairly sure you don't earn it:

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