The 28 Most Wonderfully Welsh Things That Have Ever Happened

Croeso i Gymru.

1. This “meh” approach to vowels.

2. This rugby player’s response to Niall from 1D.

3. This bestseller.

4. This episode of Spongebob Squarepants.

5. This square on the Royal Wedding Monopoly board.

6. These words that sound nothing like the English translation. Nothing at all.

7. This Welsh commentator’s response to Wales beating England in the rugby.

The others are all English, by the way.

8. This headline.

9. This Scrabble add-on pack.

10. This hungry woman.

11. Welsh rugby star Adam Jones’ thoughts on team-building.


12. The ‘Daffodildo’.

13. This street plant.

14. This phone that is definitely trolling you.

15. This café that seems to have lost a ‘C’.

16. These urinals.


17. This guy who wanted a lift home.

18. This excuse.

19. This erroneous translation.


20. This crime.

21. And this one.

22. This graffiti.

23. They seriously love graffiti.

24. This instruction.

25. This butcher who seems intent on scarring his customers for life.

26. The friendliest thieves in all of Aberystwyth.

27. This teenager’s idea of a good time.

28. And, of course, this advert.

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Robin Edds is editor-at-large at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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