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The 23 Most Wonderfully Scottish Things That Have Ever Happened

O Flower of Scotland, when will we see your likes again.

1. This note found on the streets of Edinburgh.

2. This sensible approach to wine.

3. This Glasgow art critic.

4. These pearls of Scottish wisdom.

5. This good news story.

6. The Highlands' biggest problem.

7. This incredible shop-name war.

8. This sign found in the toilet of a Scottish pub.

9. This person using science to find out if Donald Trump wears a wig.

10. This advent calendar.

11. Edinburgh's best bench.

12. This excellent patriotic pun.

13. Phonetic road signs.

14. This supermarket layout.

15. Climbing one and a half hours up Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh to find this at the top.

16. This appeal.

17. This worrying request from an Aberdeen pub.

18. This curtailer of unacceptable behaviour.

19. This questionable food stuff.

20. This friendly bus.

21. And this drunk one.

22. This birthday cake.

23. And finally, this guy.