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    Posted on Mar 5, 2014

    The 21 Most Socially Awkward Things That Happen On The Tube

    This train terminates at extreme self-loathing.

    1. When you're holding onto the handrail and someone touches your hand.

    2. When someone has stood on the left of the escalator and won't move.

    3. When the train stops suddenly and you end up on someone's lap.


    4. When the Oyster card of the person in front fails but you scan yours too quickly, so they get through and you get trapped by the barrier.

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    5. When you see someone you don't want to talk to so you hide for the rest of the journey.

    6. When you get stuck in the door.


    7. When you panic and think you're about to miss your stop so you scramble to the door and jump off, only to realise it's not your stop.

    HBO / Via

    8. When two overly polite people insist the other takes the last seat.


    9. When you don't know if a woman is pregnant or not.

    Robin Edds / BuzzFeed

    10. When someone falls asleep on your shoulder.


    11. When you run for the tube but don't make it before the doors close.

    12. Or, even worse, when you sprint to a tube that's sat on the platform and smugly jump on only to realise it's being held there for the next five minutes.


    13. Or worse still, when you see a tube waiting on the platform so run and make it on just before the doors close before realising you're going in the wrong direction.

    AMC / Via

    14. Being one of only two people left in a carriage and trying to avoid eye contact.


    15. When there are loads of free seats but someone sits right next to you.

    16. When your hand is on the handrail and someone leans against it so that you're trapped forever.

    17. When the tube slows down so you get up thinking it's about to reach your stop, only for it to speed up again making you look like a douche.

    18. Having no choice but to be THAT PERSON with a giant rucksack and luggage.


    19. When people start trying to get past you way before the train stops and you can't decide whether to tell them you're getting off at that stop too and they should just wait or let them do their thing.

    20. When you're sat next to a person with a dog, and you want to play with it, but you don't want the owner to think you're a creep.


    21. And, of course, when anyone talks to you. Ever.

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