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    Posted on Nov 14, 2013

    The 15 Most Socially Awkward Moments For A Brit In New York

    Awkwardness knows no geographical boundaries.

    1. Tipping.

    Is this enough? Is it too much? I have to tip for EVERY drink? It's enough to make you stay in your hotel room. Though you have to tip the bartender there too.

    2. Asking people to move when they're standing on the left of an escalator.

    Turns out the whole 'Please stand on the right' thing isn't so big in NY.

    3. When people demand to hear your American accent.

    Do I have to?

    4. And when they proudly show off their British accent, which sounds an awful lot like Crocodile Dundee.

    5. When someone uses the word fanny, and you think they're being terribly rude.

    6. Most of Manhattan uses a one-way system, so you can never be sure whether you have to look right or left.

    This is a constant danger.

    7. When you're speaking the Queen's English and no one has any clue what you're saying.

    8. When strangers smile at you.

    What do they want? Am I about to be mugged? What's the number for 911?!

    9. When you don't give enough money because you forgot to add VAT to the bill.

    Dinner shouldn't be a maths lesson — can't you just tell us the full amount?

    10. Or when you over/underpay because you gave them a $1 bill instead of a $50 bill.

    WHY ARE THEY THE SAME SIZE AND COLOUR?! And yeah, I put a 'U' in colour.

    11. Looking at the subway map and finally understanding how those confused tourists trying to use the tube feel.

    12. When you stop and stare at the endless skyscrapers like you've never seen anything but thatched cottages.

    13. When you go for drinks with Americans but drink like you're still in Britain.

    14. When people tell you they've got relatives in Britain and ask if you know them.

    15. When you try to order a cup of tea in a coffee shop.

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