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Posted on Jan 9, 2014

The 21 Most Delightful Moments In The Life Of A British Person

Rule, Britannia!

1. Waking up after a big night feeling horrendous only to realise that you bought bacon yesterday in preparation for the hangover.

2. When the train doors stop exactly where you're stood.

3. When two of the same buses turn up - the first one is rammed, but the second one is totally empty.

4. And then the empty one you're on overtakes the full one.

5. When you have the choice of three queues of a similar length, and you actually pick the quickest one.

6. When someone asks for directions and you're filled with panic but then you realise that you actually know the answer.

HBO / Via

7. Against your better judgement you let someone else make you a cup of tea, but it's ACTUALLY good.

8. When it's the weekend but your train line isn't closed for maintenance.

9. Actually managing to get a seat in the pub after work on a Friday.

HBO / Via

10. Going home from a night out at 4am and discovering a takeaway that is still open.

11. When you get to the train platform just as it's arriving.

12. Driving the bus.

13. Having a beer at 7am because you're in the airport and it's totally allowed.

14. When you get free samples at the supermarket.

15. When you thank a driver and they acknowledge your thanks.

16. When you ask if anyone wants the last biscuit and no one does.

17. When your team loses, but your rival team loses even worse.

18. When you get a nightbus and it doesn't stop the whole way home.

19. When you call the local takeaway and they know your order before you say anything.

20. The weather forecast said it was going to be dry, but this sounds unlikely so you take an umbrella and then it actually rains.

21. And when you FINALLY get a question right on University Challenge.

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