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    The 26 Most East London Things That Have Ever Happened

    Warning: This post may contain unicycles.

    1. This pile of rubbish.

    2. This real-life superhero.

    3. This house.

    4. The sorry tale of a lost shoe.

    Very true! Love my shoes but... RT @aerialmeg The most #Dalston thing I have ever seen... Gotta love #Hackney

    5. This excuse.

    6. This graffitied review of graffiti.

    7. This cockney ATM.

    8. This desperate plea for tips.

    9. This bike rack.

    10. These ominous signs.

    11. This bin.

    12. The hippest pug in the whole damn town.

    13. This giant sunbathing canary.

    14. Whoever this is doing whatever this is.


    15. This TfL update.

    16. This door.

    17. This comment on the local constabulary.

    18. This thing that made us cry.

    19. This misplaced military hardware.

    20. This guy on his way to unicycle hockey practice.

    21. This bus that knows all about Dalston.

    Even TFL seem to think #Dalston is beyond a joke these days:

    22. This LIGHTHEADED woman, am I right?

    23. This bike.

    Crazy man on a crazy bike #onlyineastlondon

    24. Not to mention this one.

    25. This corner shop that has broken space and time.

    26. And finally this heartbreaking reminder than East London isn't for everyone.