The 28 Most Distressing First World Problems On Instagram

If you like quiche, look away now.

1. “Blueberry juice has leaked into my rice salad :(“

2. “@greenandblacks casually chuck a cherry-less cherry tree-shaped spanner in the works of my evening.”


4. “Time marches on. Back to the white cups. #boring”

5. “Busy arguing what are the chances of getting Diphyllobothrium latum from sushi or rather shashimi in this case. #seafood”

6. “I sprained my thumb opening up Erin’s homemade sesame seed kale chips while marveling at the @nest packaging.”

7. “A most Brighton of Brighton problems”

8. “Soaking nails to take off your #gelish is the most annoying boring thing in the world #TheThingsWomenDo”

9. “Julie left me this to read. Pretty much sums my life up perfectly! #toomanyholidays #notenoughmoney”

10. “Baked camembert slightly overdone”

11. “I want my a drink but my water is over there”

12. “Happy New Year everyone, all the best for everyone for the next 365 days. So many choices to make for 2014…”

13. “You see that window? That’s the front of the queue. And we’ve already been in it 15 minutes #Waitrose”

14. “Bad times. The cheeseboard wasn’t big enough, so we had to use two.”

15. “The present is too big.”

16. “Went to feed the ducks, could only find bleedin’ Swans. Urgh.”

17. “That feel when you buy a #Porsche but can’t afford another car so you’re stuck driving it in thirty below blizzard conditions.”

18. “Fire finally gets going when it’s time for bed!”

19. “My ferrero rocher pyramid collapsed!”

20. “Damn! Don’t have any old newspapers to stop getting soil everywhere. Will have to use The Bath Magazine instead.”

21. “What curtain tassels should I choose #johnlewiscrisis”

22. “Burnt my finger getting bread out the bread maker.”

23. “My parents got the worst orchestra seats this year”

24. “Where are my clothes supposed to go?”

25. “Oh no! #teatagdisaster #doesntbodewellfortherestoftheday”

26. “Great dessert at Locanda Locatelli, shame about the tasteless veal.”

27. “Private box at RAH. Had to drink out of plastic glasses #royalalberthall”

28. “The cous cous bowl. Worse thing to wash up ever.”

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Robin Edds is editor-at-large at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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