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    The 41 Most British Things That Have Ever Happened

    Warning: This post contains the sexiest GIF of tea being poured you're ever likely to see.

    1. This manhunt.

    2. This tale of retribution.

    3. This useful advice.

    4. All of these place names.

    5. This notice.

    6. The mother of all roundabouts.

    7. This councillor's suggestion.

    8. This news story.

    9. This protest.

    10. This slight exaggeration.

    11. This question, texted in by a viewer.

    12. This old lady who doesn't need a bike to dominate the cycle lane.

    13. This leaflet.

    14. This reaction to finishing third.

    15. This rather middle class label.

    16. This meta graffiti.

    17. This attempt to retake the colonies.

    18. This air of superiority.

    19. This barbecue.

    20. These soldiers who didn't even flinch.

    21. The sexiest GIF you've ever seen.

    22. This excuse.

    23. This less-than-enthused response to the birth of the future King.

    24. The inside of this tank.

    25. This stresstwig.

    26. This police officer.

    27. This police tea van.

    28. This police tractor.

    29. This weather forecast.

    30. And this one.

    31. This guy who doesn't care what 'the man' tells him to do.

    32. This soup of the day.

    33. This sign.

    34. And this one that says what we're all thinking.

    35. This example of resilience.

    36. This intriguing offer found in Penrith.

    37. This busker rocking out in a bin.

    38. This incredible pun.

    39. Though obviously nothing will ever beat this one.

    40. This middle class problem.

    41. And finally, Stephen Fry walking a corgi outside Buckingham Palace.