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    25 Extremely British GIFs

    Drizzle. Royalty. Swearing. That about covers it, right?

    1. Captain Blackadder being sarcastic.

    2. Will from The Inbetweeners telling some seagulls to fuck off.

    3. David Bowie being the coolest man on the planet.

    4. Socially awkward royals.

    5. Bill Nighy having a meltdown.

    6. Overly polite wizards.

    7. Some band from the '60s.

    8. Tom Hiddleston using the word thwart.

    9. This bloke from Skins getting pissed.

    10. James Bond meeting the Queen.

    11. Bradley Wiggins covering The Jam.

    12. Malcolm Tucker swearing.

    13. Stephen Fry saying this...

    14. Big Ben partially obscured by drizzle.

    15. Simon Pegg telling you to jog on.

    16. Sir Kenneth Branagh reciting Shakespeare whilst dressed as Isambard Kingdom Brunel at the London 2012 Opening Ceremony.

    17. Martin Freeman drinking tea.

    18. Benedict Cumberbatch drinking tea.

    19. Lily Allen stirring her tea because it's too hot to drink.

    20. Bowie and Jagger just doing what they do.

    21. Stephen Fry dressed as a Tudor with his chain stuck in his ruff.

    22. Alan Partridge pondering one of life's great questions.

    23. David Mitchell and his troublesome cat.

    24. This bloke talking about the rain.

    25. And The Queen riding a corgi through time and space.