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The 31 Greatest Moments In The History Of Irony

Meeting the man of your dreams and then meeting his beatiful wife is just the way life goes. The things on this list, however, are ironic.

1. The psychic who didn't see this coming.

2. This commuter.

3. The fact that this person received two copies of this book after only ordering one.

4. This fire.

5. This business.

6. The driver who will hopefully learn something from his book.

7. This fire alarm.

8. This redditor.

9. This packaging that requires some sort of special tool to get into.

10. The fact that this message pushed the email onto a second page.

11. This breakdown.

12. This truck that should have been made out of corrosion-resistant materials.

13. This goal.

14. This display.

15. This collision.

16. And this one.

17. This sign.

18. This act of parking enforcement.

19. This sign.

20. This optimistic road sign.

21. This broken doorbell.

22. This lack of planning.

23. This frying pan.

24. This poster.

25. This act of vandalism.

26. The label on this tube of glue.

27. This DVD.

28. These scissors.

29. This headline.

30. This news story.

31. And finally, the guy who broke up with his girlfriend before finding her shampoo in the bathroom.