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    25 Times Gareth Keenan Was The Best Thing About "The Office"

    Gareth Keenan Investigates.

    1. When he was tasked with solving a crime.

    2. When he called out David on his travelling claims.

    3. When he posed this unanswerable question.

    4. When he made it clear that he was NOT homophobic.

    5. When he proved he wasn't the alpha male that everyone thought he was.

    6. When he promoted a positive body image. Sort of.

    7. When he explained how exactly he would catch a monkey.

    8. Or kill a human.

    9. When it had to be the calculator's fault.

    10. When there was no need for modesty.

    11. When he innocently discussed the TA with his friends.

    12. But made it clear where he stands on gay people serving in the armed forces.

    13. And when he explained why soldiers must always practice safe sex.

    14. When his chat up line game was on point.

    15. (Which was all the time, obviously.)

    16. When he was the Archbishop of Banterbury.

    17. When he pondered survival of the fittest.

    18. When he opened the window into his deepest desires.

    19. When he discussed martial arts with the IT guy.

    20. When he respected instructions.

    21. When his naivety was abused.

    22. And not for the first time.

    23. When he was the king of multitasking.

    24. When he admitted his weakness.

    25. And finally, when he got a bit confused.