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41 Of The Funniest “Game Of Thrones” Jokes From 2017

"Tell Cersei it was me!"

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1. When Dany called Jon out.

2. The proudest parents in all of Westeros.

Can we talk about Brienne and the Hound acting like an amicably divorced mom and dad co-parenting Arya, their Murder Baby #GameOfThrones


7. And when Dany nearly fooled Jon.

-Hello, who´s this? -Ben -Ben who? -Ben D. Knee


10. The hottest new meme sweeping the Seven Kingdoms.

I'd like to nominate Littlefinger getting exposed as the new "Blinking White Guy" GIF #GameOfThrones…


14. The King in the North's dragon impression.

Instagram: @emilia_clarke

18. The time it was love at first sight for Qyburn.

Find someone who looks at you the way Qyburn looks at the Wight's hand #GameOfThrones


26. And when Jon Snow passed the Drogon test.

That moment when your dog gives approval of new bae #GameOfThrones #GoT

39. And Davos didn't know when to shut up.

41. And when, somehow, we ended up happy that a woman had just banged her nephew.

Season 1: Ewww incest! Season 7: Ohhh some incest! How far we've come. #GameOfThrones


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