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41 Of The Funniest “Game Of Thrones” Jokes From 2017

"Tell Cersei it was me!"

1. When Dany called Jon out.

2. The proudest parents in all of Westeros.

Can we talk about Brienne and the Hound acting like an amicably divorced mom and dad co-parenting Arya, their Murder Baby #GameOfThrones

3. When Hot Pie clearly hadn't remembered anything he was told.

4. The weirdest family reunion of all time.

5. And Jorah being peak Jorah.

6. When the Hound finally got hype.

Dorkly / Via

7. And when Dany nearly fooled Jon.

-Hello, who´s this? -Ben -Ben who? -Ben D. Knee

8. When Ser Bronn of the Blackwater went above and beyond at the Field of Fire.

9. When there was only ever one winner.

10. The hottest new meme sweeping the Seven Kingdoms.

I'd like to nominate Littlefinger getting exposed as the new "Blinking White Guy" GIF #GameOfThrones…

11. Cersei's snazzy new map room.

12. When Daenerys made an honest, though somewhat embarrassing, mistake.

13. The newest member of Westeros' track and field team.

14. The King in the North's dragon impression.

15. Thug Olenna.

16. When Bronn – aka Jerome Flynn – signed an autograph the way only Bronn could.

17. When dinner was coming.

18. The time it was love at first sight for Qyburn.

Find someone who looks at you the way Qyburn looks at the Wight's hand #GameOfThrones

19. Jorah's last ditch effort to keep Jon and Dany apart.

20. The scouting report for the worst plan in history.

21. And the video game to go with it.

22. When the Hound knew exactly what Thoros was up to.

23. The twist no one saw coming.

24. This totally understandable warning sign.

25. When King's Cross went a bit King's Landing.

26. And when Jon Snow passed the Drogon test.

That moment when your dog gives approval of new bae #GameOfThrones #GoT

27. The Halloween costume that was a little uncalled for if you ask me.

28. When Jon "found" those rather convenient cave paintings.

Andrew Pearson + Will White / Via Twitter: @Deskhood_Comic

29. When, for the first time, we started to have our doubts about the Onion Knight.

30. The meal that's taking the nation by storm.

31. And for dessert? Greyscale cupcakes, of course.

32. When the Hound wasn't taking any of Toby's shit.

33. And when Cersei obviously didn't listen to daddy.

34. This optimistic request.

35. When Jon Snow owned his simplicity.

36. And everyone laughed at Dickon. Lol.

37. A new Lord of the Rings film we'd actually want to see.

38. When Neil reminded us that Westeros still has science.

39. And Davos didn't know when to shut up.

40. Just two dudes talkin' 'bout a sword.

41. And when, somehow, we ended up happy that a woman had just banged her nephew.

Season 1: Ewww incest! Season 7: Ohhh some incest! How far we've come. #GameOfThrones

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