The Definitive Ranking Of Pick 'N' Mix Sweets, From Worst To Best

If you think you can make it through this post without heading to the shops, you're wrong.

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30. Strawberry pencils.

Overly chewy to the point where you start to think you're eating an actual pencil. We've seen them in the pick 'n' mix stand all our lives, but we've never seen anyone actually choose them.

28. Fudge.

No one is denying the fact the fudge can be delicious, but when it comes to pick 'n' mix it's far too heavy. The lighter your selections, the more bang you get for your buck, so fudge is a definite no-no.

26. Lovehearts.

Never a good call if you're on a first date at the cinema. You offer your date a sweet, she picks one that says "I love you", she thinks you gave it to her on purpose and runs home.

2. Jazzles.

The name is pretty damned exciting, but it still doesn't prepare you for the joy that is about to hit your tastebuds. They're at their best when sourness from neighbouring sweets has jazzed them up even more.