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    Posted on Aug 12, 2013

    The Complete Guide To Avoiding "Breaking Bad" Spoilers

    Be careful out there. This won't be easy, but together we can make it through.

    1. Without doubt the worst thing about the internet is the way it manages to ruin any and every surprise.

    2. Especially when it comes to TV shows.

    3. So even though you're super excited about the Breaking Bad finale, you know that avoiding spoilers is going to be almost impossible.

    4. The first thing you should do is make sure everyone knows not to talk about it near you.

    5. And when possible just avoid talking to people full stop.

    6. Problem is, people are dicks, and they will tease you.

    7. Start off with a polite request.

    8. Tell them in no uncertain terms to leave the area at once.

    9. Put some real emotion into your pleas and people might begin to understand how serious you are.

    10. If the problem persists there's nothing wrong with a good, strong threat.

    11. And a gentle slap around the head.

    12. It's not like they weren't warned.

    13. Of course you often can't help overhearing spoilers from people you don't know.

    14. Your first instinct should be the classic fingers in the ears while screaming "La la la, I can't hear you" as loud as you can.

    15. Then run.

    16. Don't think twice. Just turn around.

    17. And get out of there while you still can.

    18. Go home, turn your laptop off, and hide.

    19. Though you could always threaten them with spoilers of your own.

    20. Seriously, though, you can actually set up a filter on Twitter to ensure that you don't read as much as a whisper about Walt, Jesse, Hank and co.

    For complete instructions on how to do this check out this rather useful article.

    21. Plus there's a new Chrome app called Twivo that makes the process of filtering tweets easier. Good luck!

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