The 28 Cleverest Things That Have Ever Happened

Wow much clever.

2. This job ad.

3. This skatepark sign.

4. This wonderful free kick.

5. This advert for real-time weather reports.

6. This kid working shit out.

7. This poster.

8. The signs in this pub that definitely aren’t adverts.

9. The toilet signs in this pizza place.

10. This photobomb.

11. This graffiti.

12. This dog who will probably take over the world.

13. This off-licence.

14. These answers.

15. Not to mention this one.

17. This sign advertising flights from Australia to the U.S.

18. This homeless guy’s ingenious idea.

19. This tattoo.

20. This act of 21st-century parenting.

21. This festive equation.

22. This 5-year-old boy’s approach to Battleship.

23. When Luigi moved in next door.

25. This graph of unparalleled genius.

26. This commuter’s attempt to beat boredom.

27. This mystery section.

28. And finally…

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Robin Edds is editor-at-large at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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