19 Struggles You’ll Only Understand If Your Parents Taught At Your School

The rest of them don’t realise how lucky they were!

1. When you turned up at school you knew your way around already while all your classmates were completely lost.

2. And you’d known most of the teachers for years already.

3. Occasionally you’d accidentally call them by their first name by accident, which all your friends would find hilarious.

4. You spent most of the first few years of school answering the question “Is [insert parent’s name] your mum/dad?!”

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5. When you answered yes, they’d often follow that up with “so do they do all your homework for you?!”

6. In reality they were much harsher about helping you with homework than most parents, to avoid such accusations.

7. And when your parents are actually the ones giving it to you, you certainly can’t get away with the old “oh no, I don’t have any homework tonight” line.

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8. If you had them for a lesson you’d just avoid eye contact and keep your head down until the bell went.

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9. If, god forbid, you actually had to get their attention you’d quietly mumble the word “mum” or “dad” hoping no one would notice.

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10. If they did, it was customary for the entire class to laugh at you. But, like, what else would you call them?!?!?

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11. You also couldn’t really get away with with getting into trouble in your other classes, because it would get back to your mum/dad in no time.

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12. So then you’d get accused of being a goodie two shoes because when you’re a kid YOU CAN NEVER WIN.

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13. And if one of your other teachers had issues with your mum or dad, they’d often take it out on you. Which was fun.

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14. You’d get a lift to school every morning.

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15. But being a kid you had a severe case of FOMO about the school bus as a result.

16. And talking of FOMO, you never got to experience parents’ evening like everyone else because your mum/dad was too busy being a teacher.

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17. Dating was also much harder because your parents were aware of anything you did AND were, of course, painfully embarrassing.

18. Though, to be honest, that would just work as a good excuse as to why you didn’t date. As opposed to the depressing truth…

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19. And even years later, you still can’t leave the house with your parents without someone yelling “HI MISS!” or “ALRIGHT, SIR!” at them.

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Luckily all this was made up for by the fact that for six weeks every summer no one in your house had anywhere to be…

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Robin Edds is editor-at-large at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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