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    28 Pictures That Are Way, Way Too Real For Anyone Who Gets The Tube

    Please mind the gap. And close your legs while you're at it.

    1. When someone's crotch is a little too close to your face for comfort.

    Wish this woman and her camel toe would remove themselves from my eye line.. #tubeproblems

    2. When someone relaxes on the way home by taking their shoes off.

    Book out, tootsies out, make yourself at home why dont ya! 😳 #TubeProblems

    3. When you try to take a creepshot of a crush and they totally see what you're doing.

    4. When you're just about to get into the station at rush hour and THIS happens.

    'Conjestion, do not enter' #tubeproblems

    5. Not that being at the back of the queue is much more enjoyable.

    Usually this 50m queue in the rain to the tube would upset me, but I'm not going to let anything spoil today.

    Fuck you, Oxford Circus. Fuck you.

    6. When you're sat next to, opposite, or tbh anywhere in the vicinity of The Manspreader.

    7. Likewise for the couple getting a little too carried away on the way home.

    Not like there's enough spare seats already... #awkward #emptycarriage #tubeproblems #spotted

    8. When the concept of deodorant is clearly lost on your fellow commuters.

    9. When someone gets a little peckish. (Yep. He's eating a Viennetta straight from the box.)

    10. When you're stood by the window and your carefully considered hairdo is quite literally blown away.

    Why @RY4EVEREVER hates the tube #tubeproblems

    11. When you're drunk and alone on the way home and want to relax but your legs don't quite reach.

    Sorry but do not give twon f*ks right now #tubeproblems

    12. When you see someone who's wearing exactly the same thing as you and there's nowhere to hide.

    13. And it's not just clothes.

    Well... This was embarrassing. #bagtwins #tubeproblems

    14. When some ass hat hogs the entire pole so you have to balance and invariably fall on to someone's lap.

    The worst creature of them all #tflhell @tube_boob #tubeproblems

    15. When someone CAN'T READ THE SHITTING SIGNS.

    The worst kind of people on the underground 😀 #TubeProblems


    16. When "gap" seems like something of an understatement.

    #TubeProblems when 'mind the gap' is more like 'mind the ditch'. πŸ˜€πŸ‘

    17. When a pregnant woman gets on and no one offers up their seat.

    On the tube this morning & not 1 of these men offered their seat to a heavily pregnant lady!@TfLOfficial #rude

    18. When someone needs a seat for them, a seat for their bag, AND a seat for their cheese and crackers.

    19. Or when someone just needs four all for themselves.

    Some unusual commuter behaviour on this morning's Northern Line @tube_boob

    20. When your day is ruined within minutes of leaving the house.

    Still preferable to the northern line #Brixton #tubeproblems

    21. When you think you're alone but then realise you're anything but.

    Well hi there Mr. Pigeon, where're you headed? #london #tubeproblems

    22. When there are no seats left so you have to improvise.

    You can't often get a seat on the tube so just bring your own. How novel #tubeproblems

    23. When you get to the platform and check to see when the next train is due and this is what you see.

    24. When you're concerned that someone is looking at your phone over your shoulder.

    25. When you're rushing to get on the train before the doors close and this happens.

    Someone was in a hurry... @tube_boob @shitlondon

    26. When you make a friend that you're not totally sure you wanted.

    27. When there's a πŸ”₯ dog on the tube and you really, really, REALLY want to play with it.

    We've changed train and there's another #DogOnTheTube! Am I missing something?!

    28. And, of course, this...

    Such pleasant times at Holborn tube station. #tubeproblems #london