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21 Statues Who Are Having A Worse Day Than You

As if standing still for eternity wasn't hard enough.

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1. These kids who were just trying to play in peace.


2. This arachnophobe.


3. Abe Lincoln.


4. This child who's caught in the middle.

5. This triceratops.


6. This man who will never be clean again.


7. These businessmen who can't have a nice chat without getting a foot to the face.


8. This policeman who was just trying to do his job.


9. This couple who are having a bit of a moment.

10. This cheeky chappy who isn't actually a total perv.

11. This guy who caught more than he bargained for.


12. And this poor soul who can't even shave in private.

13. These guys who are being mocked by children.

15. This bear who's just lost the woman he loved.


16. This chap who was just trying to hammer some stuff.

17. The third member of this love triangle.

18. This woman who is definitely not that child's mum.

21. And this guy who definitely isn't a single lady.

Some of them, however, are having a great time.