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    19 "Star Wars" Jokes To Keep You Busy While You Wait For "The Last Jedi"

    Unlike most of the internet, this is a spoiler free zone.

    1. The time Anakin's mum put ideas in his head:

    2. This Snoke theory that has left us utterly convinced:

    3. This 10/10 dad joke from IRL Chewie:

    4. This idea that, tbh, couldn't be much worse than Episode I:

    5. This reminder of Finn's greatest fear:

    6. This sneaky photo of Childish and Adultish Gambino:

    7. This mash-up that'll break your heart all over again:

    8. This indicator of perfect parenting:

    My 6-year-old just called a piggyback ride a Yoda ride. There’s nothing more I can teach her. Ready for the world, she is.

    9. This sign that is definitely more "do not" than "do":

    10. This compelling theory about Episode IX's title:

    11. This proof regarding Rey's heritage:

    12. This burn that even Anakin didn't deserve:

    13. This caption that will make it very hard for you to watch The Last Jedi in the same way:

    14. This perfect summary of how people react to sensible Star Wars theories on the internet:

    15. Po Dameron:

    16. These incredible crew shirts from the new Han movie:

    17. Disa theory dat getten us mui excited:

    18. This reminder that, whatever happens, TLJ will be 1000 times the movie that The Phantom Menace was:

    19. And finally, these blatant spoilers:

    Thoughts on THE LAST JEDI: - way more nudity than expected - smart idea to do it all as a rap - Charlie Sheen tot…