The 22 Most ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Cats Of All Time

The shruggiest cats that ever shrugged.

1. The cat who doesn’t understand why you’re staring.

2. The cat who has decided he is going to live here now.

3. The cat who looks good in whatever she wears.

4. The cat who is a bin now.

5. The watcher in the wall.

6. The cat who will decide what is up and what is down.

7. This guy who has had un oeuf of your shit.

8. The cat who is happy with what he’s got.

9. The scarf doing an impression of a cat.

10. The cat who didn’t mean for this to happen again.

11. This alarm cat.

12. The cat from Mission: Impawsible.

13. The cat who takes advantage of weakness in others.

14. The cat who believes that regret is futile.

15. The cat who has no time for bears.

16. This lizard.

17. The cat who was just seeing what it would be like to be an elephant.

18. Or the cat who couldn’t give fewer fucks if he tried.

19. The cat who is giving you shade.

20. The cat who sat there first.

21. The cat who totally got around your “no standing on the counter” rule.

22. And this crazy party animal.

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Robin Edds is editor-at-large at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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