24 Things Everyone Who's In Love With "Stranger Things" Will Appreciate

    "Why are you keeping this curiosity door locked?"

    1. These ultimate friendship goals.

    2. This memorial.

    3. Although Barb wasn't the only person who deserved one.

    4. When we realised we've all been the third wheel, stuck inside an empty swimming pool in a terrifying upside-down world.

    5. This stunning fan art.

    Just for fun and for you. I loved Stranger Things.

    6. When El finally found Will at the season premiere.

    7. This familiar tale.

    8. The real reason Eleven took down the Demogorgon.

    9. This game that absolutely needs to happen.

    10. These two friends having a relaxed night in over a game of D&D.

    Dungeons and dragons with the tremendously talented @millie_bobbyb #StrangerThings @netflix

    11. And the sickening moment when you realise Hopper is equally great in the real world.

    12. This mashup.

    13. This VHS that tbh we'd still buy despite not being able to play it.

    14. These factually accurate opening titles.

    15. The moment you realised this was the show for you.

    Not done with Stranger Things but any show that can make me yell "Ask the Christmas lights a yes or no question!" is doing something right

    16. And that EVERYTHING is better in this font.

    I’m only typing things in the Stranger Things font from now on

    17. Motivational posters, Hopper style.

    18. When the guy working in the supermarket really missed a trick.

    19. Basically everything that's going on with Lucas's outfit.

    This photo of the Stranger Things cast is the best thing happening in my life:

    20. The only ticket we want to see this November.

    21. When Dustin used this BuzzFeed quiz to find out which character he was and got...Dustin.

    22. This possible Season 2 foreshadowing from the end of Episode 8.

    23. This Comic-Con cosplay that got the Eleven seal of approval.

    So this is what happened at comic-con! #StrangerThings #eleven

    24. And finally, this important truth.

    In a world full of Nancys...be a Barb. #StrangerThings