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    35 Reasons London In The Summer Ruins You For Life

    Brb, renting a pedalo.

    1. Because you can saunter along the canals.

    2. And daydream about living on a barge.

    3. Because you can wander around the Italian Gardens and sit by the fountains.

    4. Because if you like your fountains a little grander, you can head to Trafalgar Square.

    5. Or, if it's hot enough, you can do more than just look at the fountains.

    6. Because whether you like a deckchair...

    7. ...lying in the grass...

    8. ...or something altogether more unconventional, there are plenty of places to catch some rays.

    9. Because you can cool down by getting the wind in your hair.

    10. Because there are actual beaches.

    11. Because if you don't want to travel all the way to Ruislip, there are beaches right in the middle of the city.

    12. Sort of.

    13. Because you can sunbathe right next door to the Queen.

    14. Because you can take a pedalo out on the Serpentine.

    15. Because if you want to go in rather than on the water, that's an option too.

    16. Though you might have some company if you do.

    17. And if you prefer the safety/sanitation of pools, there are outdoor pools all over the city.

    18. Because, well, Primrose Hill.

    19. Just look at it.

    20. Because it's so big you'll always be able to find somewhere (almost) no one knows about.

    21. But even if you're surrounded by thousands of people, they're so much happier in the sun.

    22. Because you can go for a drink on the Thames.

    23. Because you can go for a drink on top of a car park and look out on the whole city.

    24. Because even if you go for a drink inside, the pubs can look like this on the outside.

    25. Because you can explore Greenwich.

    26. Where the view from the top of the hill is completely worth the walk.

    27. Because you can get away from it all.

    28. And pretend you're in a quaint English village.

    29. Or the French countryside.

    30. Because you can spend the day lounging around the grounds of stately homes.

    31. Because eating outside can look like this.

    32. Because the sun brings out the city's colour.

    33. Because you realise there's nothing grey about London.

    34. Nothing at all.

    35. Because the skyline was made for blue skies.