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22 Reasons Brits Give The Best Goddamn Advice In The World

"Possibly wet paint. Unless it has dried."

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1. You know they learnt the hard way.

2. And they normally have a reason for giving it – however grim it may be.

3. They're only ever looking out for you.

You wouldn't want to get sunburnt, would you? ☀️
Via James Nash Flickr: 86318165@N00 / Via Via Creative Commons

You wouldn't want to get sunburnt, would you? ☀️

4. They always say what you want to hear.

5. But they refuse to let themselves get overly emotional.

6. They even give advice when it seems unnecessary. Just in case.


7. But if they can help you, they will. Maybe.

8. Their advice may, at times, seem like bullshit.

9. Or like they don't have a fucking clue what they're saying.


10. And they aren't adverse to a little pedantry.

11. But when push comes to shove, they say it like it is.

12. Even if it may come over a little harsh.

13. Brits will often try and squeeze puns into their wise words.

14. And sarcasm, obviously.

15. When they're being polite, they like to tell you they're being polite, just in case you weren't sure.

16. Their language is known for being a little NSFW.

17. So you might want to cover the ears of any nearby children. 🙉

18. To outsiders, they may seem a little ridiculous.

19. Or noncommittal.

20. Or vain.

21. Or confusing.

22. But to those people, Brits will only respond with two words...