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24 Questions Britain Has For Australia

And we didn't even mention Vegemite once.

1. How do you make it through the terrible winters?

2. Why is your weather so patriotic?

3. What the fuck is with WHITE Freddos and how do we get in on this?!

4. How accurate was this episode of The Simpsons?

5. Is a hangover an excuse to act like a dick?

6. Did you really think this was an acceptable cheese to cracker ratio?

7. Are you all this cool?

8. Why isn't this guy Prime Minister?

9. Do you wish you had a real Christmas?

10. When are you going to stand up and address this terrifying statistic?

11. Please can you take Rupert Murdoch back?

12. What's so wrong with Tony Abbott?

13. And if you don't like him, may we make another suggestion?

14. You all know koalas are evil, right?

15. Did you survive the alien invasion?

16. Do you have trousers?

This is an actual photo of Australians voting last Saturday for the federal election...

17. Is crime not a big deal, then?

18. Can you please be in charge of global diplomacy?

19. And if you could send us one of these that would be swell.


21. You're taking the piss with this, right?

22. Do all owls look like this over there?

23. Can we have the Ashes back, please?

24. And finally... UMM WHAT?