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19 Problems That Are Too Real For Anyone Who's Been Single In London

For anyone who's ever struggled to reach the Just Eat minimum spend on their own.

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1. When you arrange to meet a date at a tube station that has multiple exits – like London Bridge – and end up five minutes' walk from each other.

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Meaning the first IRL conversation you ever have is a definitely not-awkward attempt to find each other. "I can see a...NatWest? And the Shard?"

This is why you see so many people waiting outside Oxford Street Topshop.

2. The depressing frequency with which you fall madly in love with a stranger on the way to work.


There's something about being sat opposite the same person on the District line for 15 minutes that causes you to plan out your whole lives. Where you'll live. Which relatives will be sat on which tables at your wedding...FUCK she's wearing a wedding ring. Sigh. There's always tomorrow.


8. So if you do somehow manage to find somethere that is both nice and spacious, you'll probably end up suggesting it every time you have a first date.

10. And just because London's big, don't go thinking that means you won't bump into people you've dated on a pretty regular basis.

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If you're really unlucky you'll see someone you went on a couple of dates with as you're getting the tube home. As you say an awkward goodbye the train door will close on your face, leaving a black line down your cheek that you don't notice until you get home.

Yes, it happened. No, I'm not over it.


14. When using proximity-based apps, like Happn, you're constantly being matched with people from your office.

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Including that one person who is definitely in a relationship. You know who you are.

19. But then you take a trip home for the weekend and realise that your friends who are still there are all married with kids.


For all its horrible dates and happy couples, London actually gives you a good 10 years' grace when it comes to sorting your life out. Plus the law of averages suggests one of these first dates will be your last first date eventually...right?


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