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    24 Pictures All Picky Eaters Will Instantly Recognise

    "Chicken nuggets is like my family."

    1. Not being able to eat a sandwich or burger without opening it up to find out exactly what's inside it.

    2. So you can remove the offending item(s).

    3. Eating pizza comes with similar problems.

    4. Trying something new, actually enjoying it, and looking for validation from your peers.

    5. When you go round to a friend's for dinner and are told their parents are cooking.

    6. Fast food is never as fast for you, because you have to give the server your very specific requirement.

    7. The intense levels of pride you feel when you actually finish a whole plate of food without having to scrape anything into the bin.

    8. The moment your friends finally lose their patience.

    9. But there are always a few who know just how much of a big deal it is.

    10. Your food vs everyone else's food.

    11. Going to extreme measures when going on holiday.

    12. Being constantly judged. Even by the pizza guy.

    13. Having to take your own food when going to people's houses, no matter how much effort they've gone to.

    14. Going to a restaurant you've never been to before.

    15. Wanting to know EVERY SINGLE DETAIL about a meal before deciding whether it's something you can eat.

    16. The old "get it in the bin before anyone can see how little you've eaten" trick.

    17. Knowing that it is never as straightforward as simply removing the offending food.

    18. Not being able to leave the kids menu behind as you got older.

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    19. Once you found a food you liked, it was pretty much the only thing you ate for months.

    20. When someone calls you a picky eater, you get defensive and set them straight...

    21. When your mum would have to cook two completely meals because you wouldn't eat what everyone else was having.

    22. All your food ends up looking like this.

    23. And all your receipts look like this.

    24. But then as you got older, the worst happened: You realised that everyone else had been right all along.

    If you related to any of these points, why not find out exactly how much of a picky eater you are with this quiz.