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31 Photos That Will Make You Happier Than They Should

Maybe the world isn't so bad after all. Maybe.

1. The way this box of tissues fits into this kitchen.

2. This gloriously peeled watermelon.

3. The most perfect star there ever was.

4. When this guy opened his car door to find he had judged it JUST right.

5. Symmetry Cat, who is legit purrrrfect.

6. This laser cleaning thing that we wish could clean US.

7. What this lucky person is about to experience.

8. But that's nothing compared with the guy who is about to do this to an ENTIRE newly installed kitchen.

9. These trays that have finally solved an age-old dilemma.

10. These cables that were organised by some sort of benevolent deity.

11. When the rain appeared to be falling perfectly into this bowl.

12. This untouched exam hall.

13. The baking tray that must have been created by whoever made these hash browns.

14. This perfectly parked convoy of golf buggies.

15. These shelves that were stacked by someone who loves you very much.

16. The time perfection arose from chaos.

17. The sexiest wave pool in the history of wave pools.

18. The house that all other houses aspire to be.

19. When this mop showed you that chores exist to make your day better, not worse.

20. This nifty little gizmo.

21. Key lime pie? More like KEY TO YOUR HEART, AMIRITE?!

22. The perfect salami-to-cracker ratio.

23. The time that you realised once and for all, geology truly does rock.

24. When this person destroyed the competition to win Bookseller of the Year 2015.

25. When a power washer made all your pain and sadness disappear (for a bit, anyway).

26. The time this person realised that defeat can be more beautiful than victory.

27. When someone asked, "How do you like them apples?" and you responded with, "A lot, thank you very much".

28. This ice cream, which was presumably purchased in nirvana.

29. When this person wrapped us in their love.

30. The pencil case with a special place for your Sharpie.

31. And finally, this jar of peanut butter. The less said about it the better. 😳