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    36 Photos That Won't Make Sense To Anyone Who Grew Up In The City

    For anyone who knows thew pain of being stuck behind a muck spreader.

    1. Having to slam on your brakes when you encounter these guys, before politely waving and crawling past – no matter how pissed off you are on the inside.

    2. Not being able to step out of the house without this happening.

    3. Having to use full beam because there isn't a streetlight for 20 miles.

    4. But then being so used to not seeing any other traffic that you end up forgetting about your headlights and blinding someone.

    People need to remember that when you've full beam on you may be able to see!! But I can't 😳😳 #blinded

    5. What constitutes a crime.


    And talking of the police, seeing as you spent at least 18 years not really hearing sirens, you can't hear one – even in a city – without being a little bit freaked out.

    6. When the farmer down the road left his gate open.

    7. Being able to use excuses that just wouldn't cut it in the city.

    8. Phone signal being such a rare thing that you've even been known to use one of these relics from days gone by.

    9. Turning around to find you're being watched.

    10. Using dating apps is pretty much pointless.

    11. And if you DO find someone, it turns out you already know them. In fact they're probably your cousin.

    12. So you have to find alternatives.

    13. And to be honest Pokémon Go isn't much better.

    14. The little idiosyncrasies that most of your friends just wouldn't understand.

    15. Rural passive aggression.

    16. When the traffic just won't mooooo-ve.

    17. Not that it's just cows.

    18. Losing the TV signal at the most important moments.

    19. And trying to stream TV online doesn't go much better.

    20. Because in the countryside, the internet is a luxury you can seldom rely on.

    21. So good luck downloading anything bigger than a song.

    22. Your car having a perpetual brown fade.

    23. Coming up behind one of these on a country lane and knowing that's your plans for the day screwed up.

    24. Wanting a takeaway, but...

    You know when you're hungover and really wanna order a pizza or something? Yeah... #VillageProblems

    25. When someone comes to knock on your door because they can't get their tractor past your car.

    26. Muck spreading season was the fucking worst.

    27. Seeing a sizeable car coming in the distance and not knowing whether you'll be able to fit, so you both stay still, playing a game of overly polite country lane chicken.

    28. Customer service, village style.

    29. Moving to a city and discovering that all the stereotypes were true.

    30. Potholes are just a way of life. RIP your suspension.

    31. When you realise that buses just weren't meant for this world.

    32. Having to leave a night out at half 10 to make sure you get the last bus home – otherwise it's an hour's walk down pitch black country lanes.

    Via Christopher Furlong / Getty Images

    33. Or spending a small fortune on a taxi. IF you can find a taxi in the middle of nowhere, that is.

    34. Going for a run through the fields and encountering unexpected brambles.

    35. Never being able to hide from this, no matter how hard you try.

    36. And, of course, this ever-present danger...

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