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    28 People Whose Votes Count Just As Much As Yours

    And that's not remotely worrying.

    1. Whoever designed the staircase to nowhere.

    2. The Coventry woman who did exactly what the sign told her to do.

    3. These frisky Norwich fans.

    4. This girl's dad, who isn't quite as good at this whole romance thing as he had hoped.

    5. The guy who improvised when he couldn't find a lead.

    6. The casanova who left these instructions for the takeaway delivery guy.


    7. This massive dick.


    8. This person who clearly can't quite get his head around how ageing works.

    How old is a man who is 28 years old? Let's find out. Via @gethill

    9. The student who got exactly what he deserved.


    10. This bathroom poet.


    11. This guy, who is clearly voting "in".

    12. hussain86031746

    13. Robbie Savage (this is an extract from Roy Keane's biography).

    14. The person who decided this was news.


    15. And the B&Q employee who didn't understand what they'd done wrong.

    16. Psychic June Field, 53.

    17. Kenny.


    18. Heather.

    Applied for a job and got this email back

    19. And poor old Mike.

    Fell asleep in the taxi and none woke me up. Now I'm back at the taxi man's house in Stretford watching take me out

    20. Everyone in this car.

    21. This parched widow.

    22. The chicken shop owner who realised "Perfect Fried Chicken" was already taken.

    23. This lady who dressed like an Oyster card.


    24. This hero.


    25. The guy who took a toastie maker into a lecture.


    26. Whoever was responsible for this mix-up.

    My mum ordered a cake for my sisters bd n asked for a blond girl on top but it autocorrected to blind n we got this

    27. The person who tried but definitely failed to make a pie chart.

    I am 87% sure my local paper doesn't know how pie charts work.

    28. And finally, this girl's mum. ๐Ÿ™Œ

    Mum, that's not a picture of Jesus

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