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    23 People Who Shouldn't Be Allowed To Ask Questions

    Ask a stupid question...get laughed at on the internet.

    1. ~*KIMBER*~.

    2. This health-conscious parent.

    3. This curious nutritionist.

    4. Laura.

    5. This person and their heavy hard drive.

    6. This newspaper.

    7. MSNBC.

    8. This test.

    9. This member of the congregation.

    10. Google.

    11. This quiz show.

    12. Joe McKenzie.

    13. This textbook.

    14. This person who should probably see a doctor.

    15. Take5.

    16. This person who should probably be England manager.

    17. This little girl.

    18. This van.

    19. This guy who's just chasing his next high.

    20. Shelby.

    21. This person who has legit questions about LiLo.

    22. This guy who was probably born in the right time.

    23. And this cautious Honda Civic driver.