Here's One Thing You Probably Didn't Notice In "Better Call Saul"

Looks like Vince Gilligan has been up to his old tricks.

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Anyone who's watched Breaking Bad will understand the importance that colour plays in the show.

And according to this tweet from Better Call Saul executive producer Peter Gould, we weren't going to be disappointed.

.@batwood We have a new color code on #BetterCallSaul. As a rule, hotter colors are associated with crime. You figure out the rest.

"Figure out the rest" was exactly was Reddit user saulspiracy did.


The theory – known as the fire and ice theory – is simple: Hotter colours such as reds and oranges are associated with crime, while blues represent the good guys. So let's take a look at the evidence...

Of course we know where Jimmy ends up, but how he gets there – and how long it will take – remains to be seen.


All you can be sure of for now is that anyone who turns up wearing red is probably going to speed the whole process up.