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Here's One Thing You Probably Didn't Notice In "Better Call Saul"

Looks like Vince Gilligan has been up to his old tricks.

Anyone who's watched Breaking Bad will understand the importance that colour plays in the show.

From the changing colours of the major characters' clothes:

To the names themselves:

So when AMC announced that Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan was going to be at the helm for a Saul spin-off, we understandably expected more of the same.

And according to this tweet from Better Call Saul executive producer Peter Gould, we weren't going to be disappointed.

.@batwood We have a new color code on #BetterCallSaul. As a rule, hotter colors are associated with crime. You figure out the rest.

"Figure out the rest" was exactly was Reddit user saulspiracy did.

First up, you can clearly see that the skater feigning the broken leg is wearing red, while the old woman they're trying to scam is in blue.

Of course the old lady turns out to be Tuco's grandmother. We know where he stands on the crime spectrum, so guess what colour he's wearing?

During negotiations between Nacho and him, there's clearly a good cop and a bad cop.

But when Nacho turns up later that episode to tell Jimmy about his plans to rob the Kettlemans, he's changed his shirt.

Talking of the Kettlemans, if you weren't certain of their guilt beforehand, look at the colour of their tent.

And of the bag full of embezzled government money.

The red tie on Jimmy's accomplice from this flashback was a sure sign that he was up to no good.

So who are the good guys? Well, Kim's shirt here shows that she's probably as sweet and innocent as we'd expected.

The police too.

Not forgetting Mike, of course.

So what about Jimmy? In this flashback of Chuck visiting him in jail he's wearing nothing but red.

Flash-forward a few years, and he clearly wants to think of himself as one of the good guys.

In this scene he picks up an orange shirt, considers it, then puts it down. Hinting at his future.

When he knows about Nacho's plans but refuses to tell Kim, we see him bathed in red light.

But then when he finally does the right thing and warns the Kettlemans there's nothing but moonlight and a blue pay phone.

Even his car's unorthodox paint job hints at Jimmy's inner turmoil.

Of course we know where Jimmy ends up, but how he gets there – and how long it will take – remains to be seen.