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    23 Things All "Hitchhiker's Guide" Fans Will Find Funny

    The Guide is definitive. Reality is frequently inaccurate.

    1. Waking up to this:

    2. This cloud:

    3. This truth:

    4. This captcha:

    5. This Hitchhiker's review from the Monty Python gang:

    6. This fortune cookie:

    7. This solid advice:

    8. When Siri got all poetic:

    9. And this profoundly unintelligent response to a perfectly valid question:

    10. These actual petunias in actual space:

    11. This comfortable cosplay:

    12. This Vogon invasion:

    13. This meaningful tattoo:

    14. This appropriate preparation for the apocolypse:

    15. This "Atlantic sea raven" that is obviously just a giant Babel fish:

    16. The best drink in existence:

    17. This exam question:

    18. This gift that you can probably find in Reader's Digest:

    19. This wedding ring:

    20. This really quite heartbreaking text conversation:

    21. This towel-scented candle:

    Bookish Candles / Via

    22. This trilogy of five:

    23. And finally, this realisation that the Guide genuinely exists. Sort of:

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