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27 Reasons Scotland Is The Greatest Place In Britain

We <3 you, Scotland.

1. The innovative marketing techniques.

2. The puns.

3. The names of the towns.

4. This Edinburgh bench.

5. The energy drinks.

6. The way Scots approach a party.

7. The fact that their national animal beats all other national animals.

8. The pub blackboards.

9. The public service announcements.

10. The mature humour.

11. This way with the ladies.

12. The greetings cards.

13. This novel way of dealing with mid-lecture hunger.

14. The tattoos.

15. The importance placed on keeping hydrated.

16. The disapproval of bureaucracy.

17. This approach to the economic downtown.

18. The romantic gestures.

19. The birthday cakes.

20. The road signs.

21. The pub rules.

22. The disabled ramps.

23. The headlines.

24. These whisky-flavoured condoms.

25. How they were really spoiling us with this culinary delight.

26. The wonderful library instructions.

27. And, of course, the cock-shaped forests.