Non-Americans Try — And Mostly Fail — To Name The US States For Thanksgiving

    And they're very, very sorry. Probably.

    Over recent years it's become something of a Thanksgiving tradition to ask the people of BuzzFeed UK to label US maps for Thanksgiving. The results have been...interesting.

    But in 2017, to avoid more of...this...we're doing things slightly differently.

    This time...IT'S YOUR TURN! We asked the lovely non-American readers of BuzzFeed to give it a go themselves. Here's what happened...

    1. This person may not have been 100% sure on the states, but at least they remembered that Hawaiiii has four "i"s.

    2. While this effort from Andrea suggests she's not a fan of colder climates.

    3. It's good to know that the Chinese education system teaches people about the great state of Potato. But what happened in the Sad Place? :(

    4. Mariana (from Mexico) was the only person to remember Cheese Town – which, coincidentally, is where I'm going on holiday next year.

    5. And moving north of the border, this Canadian has ensured that I will NEVER go to Maine. 🤡

    6. This British entry made the very important distinction between that Washington and Non-Trump Washington (and then labelled it in the wrong place!).

    7. This Austrian remembered that the central states of Trumpland™ are covered almost entirely in delicious desserts. Yum.

    8. Thankfully there were people who did know what they were doing – more or less. This Norwegian got into a bit of trouble around the Alabama/Arkansas area, and got Connecticut and Massachusetts back to front, but still a very good effort! 🇳🇴

    9. This person went one better and correctly placed Lower Canada and Squares.

    10. Scoring a total of 3.5/50, this Brit may have set the special relationship back a couple of centuries.

    11. At first glance this Swiss effort is quite impressive, until you start to notice states such as "2 long name", "2 smol", and "0 important".

    12. Emma from the UK uploaded this with the caption "50/50 States in under 5 mins". Hate to tell you this, Emma, but you got Alabama and Mississippi the wrong way round. SOZ.

    13. The Cheeseheads of "Winston" will be glad that they weren't forgotten in this rather abstract submission.

    14. This was a pretty solid French entry – unfortunately it labelled Louisiana and New Orleans as two separate states.

    15. But the winner, by a fucking MILE, was this effort from Rachel in the UK, who proved that a lack of knowledge can be easily ignored if you've got some really jazzy artistic skillz. Well done Emma, please contact BuzzFeed to claim your turkey.

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